Third grade spelling words

My son and I have learned through (very hard) trial and (tearful) error that it’s important to read through ALL the spelling words on the list the first day we get them.  It makes the homework that follows (as well as the Friday spelling test) a million times easier.

And this way, we can figure out up front if there is any confusion over word pronunciation and/or definition.

So today when we got home after dropping the carpool kids off, and after my kids ate their hefty after-school snack (and by hefty I mean a full meal.  Hey!  They’re hungry!!  Why not just feed them a balanced meal instead of them making a meal out of a bunch of snacks?!?  I then follow up with a bowl of cereal before bed if anyone’s hungry at that time), my son and I reviewed his spelling words for the week.

Below are my three favorite from this week’s list that I thought I’d share so you can also join in on the fun (when you’re a stay at home mom, I’m sorry to say that this sort of thing becomes “fun.”  You get your kicks where you can):

  1. Autumn (hard to figure out what this word actually is since my son initially pronounced it oo-too-men-nen)
  2. bawls (bow-wels)
  3. coughing (co-hing)

And there ya have it, Folks!  Good times brought to you courtesy of the 3rd grade spelling list!!  Thank you and goodnight!

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