P90X – Hard won advice (Part 1)

Just a few friendly tips and tricks I’ve uncovered now that I’m wrapping up Week 3 of P90X:

1. Do NOT burp during Mason Twists because you WILL throw up in your mouth.

2. No one in the real world (well – except for Cirque du Soleil acrobats, that is) can actually do “Dreya Rolls.”

3. Tone-ster – you HAVE to stop shilling your “Recovery Drink.”

4. I love me some Child’s Pose!

5. If you actually have breastesisses, find your own way of lifting weights.  Tony does not cover this!  (side note: Full supination concentration curls are full-on impossible with mammaries.)

6. Do we ALWAYS have to warm up with jumping jacks?!  They make me pee!

7. “Water break” means sipping, not guzzling water.  See pee-ing comment above.

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