Livin’ The Dream

Last night…as I was falling asleep…somewhere offstage someone began playing the slide flute.


Ssssszeeerrrrrrup! Sssssssszzeeeeerup! 

You know the slide flute.

The slide flute makes it sound like clowns have been sent in and will shortly be doing zany hijinks in the center ring.



But the auditorium is dark and I can’t see crap. And other than the slide flute, it’s completely quiet.


Ssssszzzzeeerrrrrrup! Ssssssszeeeeerup! 

This is the dumbest show. Hubby and I seem to be the only people in the auditorium.

But when Hubby starts laughing, I think he must be able to see the clowns from where he is. Which is weird because you would need light to see anything in here.

So I turn to him to find out what’s so funny. And in the process I wake myself up just as the final slide flute noise floats past my face.


Sssszzzeeeeerup! It’s coming from my own nose.

God bless and gooooooooodNIGHT!

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