French Idiots

Gorgeous sunny Saturday in summer – and I come up from the basement where I was running on the treadmill.

Nah! No running outside when the weather’s like that!  What a stupid idea.  Running in the dim basement because that’s how I can also watch Below Decks Mediterranean while reading my Nook á la fois!

Can I get some snaps for using a French idiot in my blog?! Snap, snap, snap!

I DARE you to find another blog where they use French idiots to describe all the stuff they’re doing at the same time they’re running on the treadmill. Idiots. French idiots.  You know what’s funny?  Spell check keeps changing idiots to idiots.  I give up.  IDIOTS!  Nope.  Tried to slide it in there; it didn’t work.

When I come up from the basement, Sissy, who has probably 4 weeks of summer left before gulp! highschool, is sitting on the family room couch reading A Separate Peace by John Knowles.

She raises her sunflower face to me, all bewildered and says, “I don’t think there are any robots in this book. There can’t possibly be robots in this book.”

Oopsie. Tee hee hee.  I may have given her the impression that this coming-of-age book about boys in a boarding school during World War II had robots in it so as to encourage her to read the book sooner rather than later.  Because there’s nothing worse than spending the last week of summer vacay before highschool starts by hurriedly and panickedly reading a book you had all summer to read, especially when you could be spending the last week of summer buying all the cute highschool outfits you can find.  Can I get some snaps for THAT insight?!  Snap, snap, snap!

She then adds, “Can you tell me for real if this book has robots in it? Because I don’t really like robots and I was kinda bummed to think it had robots in it.”

No, Sweetie, there are no robots in A Separate Peace. That was just an example of me raisonne comme une casserole – another French idiot meaning “me demonstrating poor logic.”  Sonny?  He would’ve been all over robots.  Sissy?  Not so much, so my bad on that.

Idiot. IDIOT.

Gah!  Still no. I must use the word idiot in my blog a lot instead of the word idiot.

Oy, je donne ma langue au chat.

And yes, that’s another French idiot.  It means “I give up.”

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