Dual Survival

My kids have become enamored lately with this show called “Dual Survival.”  Have you seen it?  It’s been around for a while but we just clued in to it.

It’s about these two guys who show us how to survive in a variety of unlikely scenarios. But first, they live the scenario and then talk you through what you’d do every step of the way.  Take, for example, the following:

Episode 23 – Two gentlemen are dressed in tuxes standing on the deck of a glorious ocean liner as it makes its maiden voyage to America. When suddenly!  The ship strikes an iceberg.  Then, as the band plays on, everyone plummets into the water and dies of hypothermia and drowning.  –End scene–  In my personal opinion, that episode was a little much and didn’t necessarily float my boat guck, guck, guck pun intended but it was informative in a “bring more lifeboats next time” sort of way.

Episode 37 – Now the show stars are posing as two young men who are traveling with a rugby team to Santiago, Chile. But first they have to fly through the Andes Mountains whereupon their plane crashes and they have to consume each other to live. Naw, didn’t see that coming at all.   But again, informative in a “tips-and-tricks for surviving a plane crash AND an avalanche AND cannibalism especially if there’s no ointment for any of that in the poorly stocked first aid kit” sort of way.

And the show goes on and on. Each new episode seems to be shorter than the last.  And it seems like there are two new guys in every episode as well.  I’m not sure if that’s actually the case, or if it’s because the status of their ever-changing beards just makes them look like different guys.  Further, I’m not 100% sure what there is to like about this show other than that one part where the two survivalists are acting like goodfellas carousing at the Copacabana chit-chatting about how they hijacked a truck under the direction of their capo…

Ok, stop.  Now I’m just completely making stuff up.

Watch the show your own self and tell me what you think. But remember, never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.

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