Academic Decathlon

Sissy was recently invited to be on the Academic Decathlon team at her school. She’s pretty thrilled at the ask because, for the past several years, the team has placed first in regionals which then allows them to move on to the national competition in California. Actually, I’m a little vague on the “placing” details. I know they do really well and they went to Disneyland last year. But pay that no never mind. Sissy remains thrilled.  As are we, because that girlie is amazeballs.  But what really needs to be said here is: I am ROCKING my cosmic do-over!

This Friday will be the parent meeting wherein we will be reminded of how wonderful our respective mini-mes are. Also, we will be offered the opportunity to sign up to bring breakfast for one of the early morning study sessions. Parents are the cogs of this whole effort. Nothing wrong with being COGS. Cog, cog, cog. Does that word sound weird if you say it too many times? Cog. Cog. Yeah, weird, right?

Because – speaking of cogs cog, cog – while school administration and teachers are somewhat involved, a good portion of the breakfasts, effort and success of this thing rests on parents’ shoulders. Case in point, during this same Friday meeting, I believe the parents will be asked to commit to “small group instruction” in one of ten academic areas. I know, my heart just seized up at that.  Despite how well I’m doing with my cosmic do-over, you know I is afeared of certain…subjects.

Also?  Cog, cog. Cog. So weird.

But don’t worry about me! I plan to come fully prepared to the meeting and will offer to spearhead the group studying marketing or human resources since I have significant professional experience in each area and can speak from a real-world point of view.

If that’s a no-go, I will offer to teach crochet.

If the crochet idea flops, I will demonstrate my best shot-put form. Come ON! It’s a decathlon. Everyone knows success rests on the shot-put.

Epic fail on all of the above? I will break down in tears and beg them not to put me in math class with these kids.

Wait!! Look over THERE! WHAT’S THAT??! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




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