The Carbonaro Effect

I bet you thought I forgot about you, but I haven’t. However, could you just remind me one more time what your name is? Ha, ha, ha. That’s funny “getting old and forgetting stuff” humor. But I’m not old, nor forgetful. Just funny. But when you get a chance, if you could tell me what your name is, that would be great. Thanks much.

It’s just that we’ve been busy on this end living our own Carbonaro Effect.

And in case you don’t know what the Carbonaro Effect is, “it’s a magic, hidden camera t.v. show” which is not only hilarious, but also totes cray-cray. People on the show suffer a total break from reality and begin to believe the impossible. Yep, that about sums up my life.

On the last episode I saw of the show, Carbonaro Effect Man is making three-foot-tall 3D vases with his 3D copying machine when his “new co-worker” [read sucker] talks him in to making a 3D copy of himself! Then, when Carbonaro Effect Man leaves to tell his boss what he did, the 3D “copy” of himself begins to move towards the “new co-worker” [read sucker] who screams and runs out of the room. I mean, because a WALKING 3D copy of a person seems totally reasonable and like it could actually HAPPEN, right?

Come on! CUT IT OUT!!!

Hey! Speaking of 3D copying machines…did you know that our local library has a 3D copying machine?!? Nope, I didn’t either. But you know who DOES know?? Sonny. Naturally.

How he found this out remains a complete and utter mystery to me. I only found out about it when I got the message from the library telling me the 3D print job we ordered was ready.

Uhhhh, what 3D print job? And who’s ‘we’ here??

When I asked around the house about 3D print job requests ordered from the library recently, Sonny claimed full responsibility.

Him: “Aww, yeah! COOL!!! I’ve been waiting for that. Can we go get it? NOW??”

Me: “I suppose. But if this is an artificial limb…or it costs money, I’m not doing this.”

Him: “No, no. It’s totally free. I talked to the library guy all about it.”

A couple of things here: “talked to the library guy” and “totally free” AND “3D print job” sound completely impossible. Carbonaro Effectish, if you will. Also, if the “totally free” thing IS actually true, then this explains why property taxes have gone up – because 6th graders across the land are making 3D robots at the library. This is not a wise use of money. Or libraries. Or library guys’ time.

But sure enough, when we got there, Sonny and the Library Guy gave eachother a complicated Homie greeting.


Then Library Guy nods and disappears into the back room. The whole time he’s gone, I’m expecting him to reappear with a bill for ten THOUSAND dollars whereupon I’ll have to yell “RUN!” and take off for the car.

When he does come back, he slips something into Sonny’s hand and they do their Homie fistbumps again.


Can you guess what it was? Can you even guess what Sonny ordered from the free (yes, it turned out to be completely FREE) 3D print job option at the library?!?

I’ll give you three guesses. Go!

Nope, it wasn’t a copy of himself…

Nope, it wasn’t an artificial limb… Did I read about this possibility in an article somewhere?

And nope to whatever your third guess was…

Ok, ok, I’ll tell you (but thanks for playing along with the three guesses in blogland, that was a good time). It was a…


*Do you know what a batarang is? Because I didn’t until the library printed a life-sized one up for Sonny, gratis (using taxpayer dollars). It’s a combo of ‘bat’ and ‘boomerang’ and is a bat-shaped boomerang that Batman, who is opposed to firearms due to the circumstances of his parents’ murder, uses to knock guns out of an assailant’s hand. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!?? Normally a batarang would be metal-colored. Sonny’s is bright blue because apparently that’s the only color free 3D print jobs come in at the library.  Can you see me on your t.v. screen NOW?!??

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