Happy Birthday, America!

And really, where else but IN America could you find a patriotic fabric like this??  I was buying my own patriotic fabric to make 4th of July pillows when I came across this little gem-of-a-pattern.  (And yes, 4th of July pillows are something we’re doing.  We’re all doing it.  Note to self for next year, ‘kay?)

Patriotic Magic Mike

I’m a pretty hip-to-the-jive type person.  Just look at what I know on the 4th of July pillow front, for example.  But even I have to admit that this fabric has me stumped.

America, as a country, is super dope and all…but what in the what?!!  WHAT is going on here??  I mean, I get the red-white-and-blue thing.  But the buff dudes goin’ all Magic Mike on us?  That’s extremely puzzling.  Founding Fathers reimagined as highschool varsity athletes, perhaps??  Note star crotch boxer guy.  John Hancock much?!  Buh-dum-bump!

God bless the U.S.A.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!

  1. This is what the Avengers would look like if they had see- through costumes…or is that just in my head?

    • Ok, girl who thought cartoon Johnny Quest’s cartoon tutor Race Bannon was hot, we’ll go with that: semi-nude, patriotic Avengers getting a little R&R during mission down time.

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