Voltron, Defender of the Universe

I have a brother.  I have a son.  I know me a little sum’in sum’in about Voltron, Defender of the Universe.  He was a big robot-y guy who was made up of five smaller dog robots.  Sounds bizarre on paper, but is true enough in cartoon-land.

And when my big Mother’s Day outing to go see a movie came up today, I was on board.  Totally on board.  We’re seeing the new Voltron movie?  The Age of Voltron?!  Count me in.

So I’m sitting there watching all of the previews when the lights dim and we slip into one final (and overly long, if you ask me) preview about a new superhero movie pertaining to the Avengers.  You know the Avengers: Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye (Hot Guy heh, heh, heh), Captain America and so forth.

At some point it becomes puzzling to me why this preview is going on so long it almost seems like THIS is the movie, but Voltron has yet to make an appearance.  So I lean to the child on my left and whisper, “Is this actually the movie we’re here to watch?” and receive an eyeroll in response.

Ok, totally not helpful.

So I lean right and whisper to the kid on that side, “I’m confused, is Voltron an AVENGER??”  Another eyeroll.

Ok, still not helpful and why is no one addressing the pressing Voltron issue?!?

Long story short: The name of the movie turned out to actually be “Avengers: The Age of ULTRON.”  (But say it fast.  It sounds like the Age of Voltron, yes?  Yes.  Thank you.)

So now we’re to the part of the blog where I wanted to tell you I felt like my mother.

How so?  Glad you asked…

One time my sisters and I took my mom to see that movie “About a Boy.”   Hugh Grant was in it and the movie was described as being about a boy and a cad.

Except when we were explaining the movie to my mother, she thought we said it was about a boy and a…CAT.  So she waited the whoooooooole movie expecting the cat to show up.  And was extremely puzzled when it didn’t.  A movie about a boy and a cat and then there’s no CAT?!?  That’s stupid.  Completely stupid.

Anyway, that’s why I felt like my mother.  Going to see a movie that was NOTHING it was billed to be.  Naming a movie after Voltron and then not even having Voltron IN the movie??  That’s stupid.  Completely stupid.

Hi Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day.  I love you.  I thought of you today.  I FELT like you today.  And I’m just wondering if you ever found that cat?!

One thought on “Voltron, Defender of the Universe

  1. Yes, we found the cat…or should I say cats…it is five lions that come together to form Voltron…not five dogs. And that is from my daughter…who loves the Avengers and thinks they are all hot guys…so Voltron is not welcome in the Avengers movie.

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