Did you ever play that game called Telephone?  Where one person whispers something and it’s passed down the line until the last person has to say the now-mangled message out loud?  Then everyone laughs HA HA HA at how far the message had strayed from the original.

Well this blog isn’t about that game, so I’m not sure why you’re even talking about that game in the first place.

This blog is about how I can’t tell my kids apart on the telephone.  Every phone call with my kids goes something like this:

Ring, ring.  Ring, ring.

An 11 or 12 year old boy or girl answers the phone: Hello?

Me: Hi…….there.  How are you?

S/he: Good.

Me:  Oh, that’s good.  Are you doing your homework?

S/he: Yep.

Me:  Ohhhhkay.  Is your…….sibling doing….their homework?

S/he: Uh-huh. You wanna talk to my….sibling?

Me:  Yes, yes I do.

-The…..child pulls the phone away from……their ear and goes to hunt down……the other child.  At which point I can hear the following conversation:

Thing 1: It’s Mom.  She wants to talk to my….sibling.  Which means she doesn’t know who we are again.  Don’t tell her, ok?

Thing 2:  Ok.

-Whereupon Thing 2 grabs the phone and says,

S/he: Hi, Mom.

Me:  Hi……You.  Did I ever tell you how much you sound like your….sibling on the phone?

S/he: Yeah, I know. You’ve said that before.

Me:  Well, did I also ever tell you I put a camera above where you’re standing and I’m looking at the monitor right now and I can see it’s YOU!

S/he: Mom.  Stop.

BAM!  It’s Sissy!!  Sonny would’ve said, “Come on, Mom.”

See?  I AM a good mother.  I’m not sure why you’re even talking about me not being a good mother in the first place.  You need to stop talking about stuff no one wants to talk about.

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