Poetry in Motion

Let’s pause on this busy Friday so I can brag on my Homegirl.  Whoop, whoop!  snap snap snap

You ever see something that qualifies as “poetry in motion?”  And I’m not just talking about that running-on-the-beach scene from the movie Chariots of Fire.  I’m talking about LIVE and in COLOR, real-life, poetry in motion??!

First off, there’s Sissy in softball pants.  Chick has the cutest butt EVER.  Well, aside from her father’s butt, but this is a family show, so moving along… It’s like two red delicious apples in a bag.  So biteable and nummy.  And I mean this all in a maternal-yet-jealous-of-my-twelve-year-old’s-butt sort of way so please don’t report me to the authorities.  Because my butt, due to its amorphous nature, is the complete antithesis of hers.  Thank you.  We all have our gifts.

Butt really heh-heh-heh what I actually wanted to say is Sissy playing softball IS poetry in motion.  I have seen it and lived to tell the tale. 

The setting?  The final softball tournament of the season this past weekend.  And trust me when I say thank GOD softball season is over.  That sport just gets way wack at the end.  Especially that part where one of the coach’s wives yells obscenities at the umpire during the final game and is asked by MY husband to keep it under control or leave.  And no, I wasn’t the wife in question.  But thanks for casting aspersions. 

Back to my darling baby girl.  Who is the most amazing baby girl who ever lived.  In fact I’m not sure why people continue to have baby girls when I have the best one in the land. 

Picture it: Final game of the tournament.  Sissy’s team is already mentally beat.  All except for Sissy because my sweet girl is balls-to-the-wall, in-it-to-win-it each and every time.  In softball and life in general.

She’s playing shortstop.  And every time the catcher throws the ball over the pitcher’s head, Sissy meets it at Second Base.  The ball arrives as she’s standing firmly on the bag and in one fluid motion she reaches up as high as her arm will go, catches the ball in her glove and swings the glove down and out and touches the opponent sliding into second.  I can’t even express the sheer poetry-in-motion that this move is. 

She did this at LEAST three times during that game.  And EVERY TIME, the ump called the other team SAFE!!!!  Run, stretch, catch, swoop and tag before the other girl had her foot on the base.  Sissy would turn her sweet freckled face expectantly to the ump standing three feet away.  And he would call the opponent SAFE!  Every.  Time.

Makes you wanna swear too, doesn’t it?!?  And don’t make me say this again, but I SWEAR to you it was NOT ME swearing at the ump.  Even though I had every right.  Gaah, nothing gums up poetry-in-motion more than a bad call.  Also of interest?  The fact that the umps were wearing matching shirts with the opposing team.  Weird, no?!?

Needless to say, Sissy’s team lost that game.  And therefore lost the tournament.  But that ump walked up to Sissy at the end of the game and gave her the one MVP coin awarded. 

And that’s why I have to brag for a sec on the best little girl who ever was.  Moving through life with a winning attitude, even in the face of certain defeat.  Well rounded, good at math, a Straight A student and great at sports too.  In all things, she’s willing to go again and again no matter what the outcome.  And she is the embodiment of physical beauty on the sports field and off.    And yes, if we’re being honest with ourselves, she’s got a super cute butt. 

I hope I grow up to be just like her.  Including that part about the butt.  Well…and the math. 

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