Friday night’s gonna be all right

Big school fundraiser is a week away.  And while I’m not chairing it this year (like I did for the last three years running), I am still helping out.  Right now I’m knee deep in table seating drama.

Seriously?  Are we all still in 5th grade – or just our kids?!?  Open Message to All People Over the Age of 21: You will actually survive if you’re not seated with 12 of your BFF’s for an hour during a mediocre dinner.

Anyway…haven’t updated the blog in a few days – what with Halloween and table seating drama going on on this end.

But that song from the old Fame show just popped into my head today about Friday Nights and I wanted to share it.  By the way, does anyone else have 80’s songs popping into their head during random days/times?  Or is that just me?? (probably just me, but I’m hopeful it’s not)

In fact, it’s my firm opinion that there’s an 80’s song for every situation…and really the entire history of the world could be told through the lyrics of 80’s songs – ’cause there’s that many good ones out there!  (again, just me on this one?  Better not be because this is totally true!)

But I digress.  The lyrics to this particular one (really, who’s the band?  I think it’s referred to as The Kids from Fame??  Can you imagine explaining that on your resume during a job interview???) go like this:

Friday night’s gonna be all right

It’s gonna be right

It’s gonna be all right now baby

So get ready for Friday night!

And none too soon!  But I’ll probably feel the exact same way NEXT week!  And I don’t even HAVE a full time job!!!

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