Wonder Twin Powers…ACTIVATE!

You ever have pasta-in-a-strainer, sitting in the sink and draining…when all of a sudden a kid comes up and washes their hands all over it?!? 

Yeah?  ME TOO! 

TWINS!!!  Twinny twin twin!  Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE!

You go first.

Form of an iceberg!

Ok, now my turn.

Form of a stay at home mom who just had her dinner plans ruined by dirty hands!

Huhn.  Wait.  How come you got to be the iceberg?  And I got to be that stupid stay at home mom thing?! 

Well – for the record – I always thought the boy twin on the show took the easy way out.  Endlessly turning into some form of water, frozen or otherwise.  Yawn…snoozeville. 

Me?  I’m a go big or go home type a’ gal.  No easy way out for me (nooo, I’m not lookin’ at anyone when I say that.  Why?  Did you think I was lookin’ at YOU?!?).  So I don’t CARE if the stay at home mom thing sounds stupid.  Bring it!  Bring your smarmy iceberg; I’ll see it and raise you a creature-who-does-a lot-of-yelling.

Because really, who WOULDN’T want to turn into that creature??  This is a rhetorical question so SHUT IT!  Not sure why the girl twin-who-could-turn-into-any-creature never turned into THAT creature, but she missed the boat there.  Because there’s an amaaaaaazing amount of power in being the stay at home mom who just had her dinner plans ruined by dirty hands! 

Ahhhh…POWER!  Mwa ha ha!!

The smell of power is in the air!  Can you smell it?  It smells very, very similar to sudsy pasta. 

And wait!  What’s that?  Can you hear it??  To the human ear, the power sounds a little…something…like this:



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