Halloween Costume

At what point do you realize you’ve become a parody of yourself?  Well – your 16 year-old-self that is.  When someone dresses like you for Halloween??  Or maybe it’s less parody-of-yourself and more made-it-to-the-big-time?!

My daughter is going to be an 80’s Girl for Halloween this year.  I explained to her that we wore those neon mesh (fingerless) gloves because they deflected bullets since we were secretly crime-fighting superheroes.

One eye-roll and a drawn out “MooooOOOOOMMMMM!” later and the gig was up.  No, not crime-fighters.  Just wacky dressers.  But that was the STYLE!

And now it’s a Halloween costume.

So this is how all those witches and vampires feel.  Or the grim reaper.  (That’s who my son is going to be this year.  He mainly got the costume because of the sickle weapon thing.  The label actually says “Child Scythe adds a finishing touch to any costume!”  Why yes, yes it does.  Finishing touch indeed!)

This is all new to me, but those witches and vampires and the grim reaper see mini-thems running around on fright-night every year.  Do they feel kindof flattered?  Kindof…but not really?!

And how ’bout them stay at home moms?  Or working mothers??  Never have seen a kid dressed up on Halloween like one of them yet!  Maybe we just need to give it another 30 years.

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