Kidney Punched

A friend was over the other night and was talking about Sonny’s deskcapade in all its gory glory.  [See the thrilling details for your ownself here:]

Sissy was puzzled about why this friend would know all about the incident since we hadn’t seen the friend in some time.  So we explained that I had blogged about it, and the friend had read the blog.

You could just see Sissy’s thought process from there:  Sonny is a complete APE and he gets blogged about?!  And I’m the best girl who ever lived and no one says “boo” about it??  Oh the injustice!   Unfair…UNFAIR!!! 

But that’s the way life is.  Do-good/are-good, straight-A students who are great at every sport they ever play sometimes go unnoticed.  Trust me, I know of which I speak.  Wink, wink.

Bless our…er…their good-girl overachieving souls, but sometimes the bad-boy shock factor makes for a more interesting clusterbomb story. 

However, the concern has been duly noted.  And to balance out the blog, and show her how much I love her, I will now talk about Sissy’s most embarrassing moment. 

We were at the airport waiting to board a plane.  I was sitting in the waiting area.  Hubby was in line near the gate.  Sissy and Sonny were off doing their own thing.  (Hey!  I was watching them.  But letting them burn off some energy a goodly distance away from me.  I may have been giving off an I-don’t-know-who-those-kids-are-but-they-must-have-terrible-parents-to-let-them-run-around-like-that sort of vibe.)

Then I see Sissy break away from Sonny and go up to a completely strange man sitting in the boarding area reading a book.  I wondered what she’s doing, but before I could react, she puts her chin on the man’s shoulder.  And the arm she had been snaking around his neck drifts up to rub his bald head.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  She asks, “Whatchya readin’, Dad?”  And then the man whose-head-she’s-been-rubbing turns towards her.

It wasn’t Dad, was it? 


So Sissy stumbles away like she’s been kidney punched; she’s shaky on her legs and her mouth is open in a silent “oh!” of utter shock.

I thought it was hysterical.  Then again, I’m mean like that.  But I did tell the man we were, “so sorry.” Not really because that was totally funny.  I’m still laughing. 

But see?  Good girls DO sometimes have bad stories.  And that head rubbing, watchya reading trick?  Hang on to that one, Sweetie.  Because that’ll come in handy when you get to college.  That’s when good girls usually go bad.

No reason really, just sayin’.

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