The Birthday Boy

Wait!  What?! 

What just happened??

I remember so vividly the day my son was born.  And TODAY?  He’s TEN!  (Actually, if you want to get all technical, today we are celebrating the END of his tenth year, which means that he’s going INTO his eleventh year, even though he just turned ten.  I know!  My head just exploded too!!  So let’s stop with the math-y talk, already.)

What happened?  Where did the time go??  From the day of his birth to today, I can remember exactly ONE thing…the time he was learning to walk and pulled himself up INSIDE the bar stool at the kitchen island.  Abbondanza, prison-for-one!!  And just like that?  Sonny could walk.  Albeit only inside his tiny little cell.  Which really had no room for walking or sitting; only standing.  But whatever.  It’s a cute story, so don’t bring me down.

Also?  I lied.  I remember other stuff too.  I’m not THAT bad of a mother.  Puh-lease!  Remembering only ONE thing from my son’s life?!  Tell me what you REALLY think about my mothering skills. 

For example, I remember yesterday.  Yesterday was Birthday Celebration Number 1.  (We have a tradition in my family where you make your birthday last as long as possible.  So we’re living up to tradition here.)  During BC#1, Sonny got to open his gifts from aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.  There wouldn’t have been time to do all of that this morning since it’s a school day, so we are also being practical with this multi-celebration approach.

Anyway, one gift he got yesterday was a slime making kit.  But on the cover, it shows two girls standing beside a waist-high cup, stirring something inside with a popsicle stick as tall as they are.  Scattered around the experiment site are huge bottles as high as their heads.  (Can you say “truth in advertising?”)

At a quick glance, all you could really see of the kit description was the wording above the girls’ heads that said, “100% kid approved science experiment kit.”

This visual extravaganza prompted Sonny to say,” Oooh!  What does it do?  Shrink you down??!”

And there you have it.  Why I love my son so much.  And why I remember yesterday so well.  Yesterday was a stunning example of my son’s lifelong philosophy:  All things are possible.  Nothing is too far-fetched.  And the fun never ends.

He lives in a world where it could happen – where you could finally get that “shrink you down to tiny size” kit you’ve been waiting for your whole life.  And imagine the things you could do with a kit like that?!? 

While John Lennon went a bit over long with the “beautifuls,” he had the right idea when he sang that song about his son, “Beautiful Boy.”  

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Boy!  I love you.

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