The Middle Lane

I love me some middle lane.

Just wanted to overshare with you that this occurred to me on the way home from the airport after dropping my parents off this morning.  (Thanks for the great visit, Mom & Dad!)

By toodling down the middle lane, you don’t have to get involved in that whole Road Rage Crazy Town happenin’ off to your left.  And you can outsmart the Slow Poke Posse exiting or entering the ramps to your right.  Also?  You get to go a decent enough speed that you feel like you’re making progress.  Accomplishing something.  Not so fast that you’ll be the first one busted should the Fuzz show.  And not so slow that people are blasting past you with their fingers on high.

The old me?  The old me woulduv been the Queen o’ the Passing Lane.  A Fast Lane Freakshow if you know whadImean.  I couldn’t get where I was goin’ FAST enough.  There may have even been a time or two when I lifted my OWN finger as I blew past.  (MAY have been, Mom.  I said MAY have been.  I didn’t say FOR SURE.  Just MAY have been.  There’s a difference.)

The new me?  I love me some middle lane.  Life is SWEET in the middle lane.

But what if this insight is bigger than finally finding my comfort zone on the highway?  What if the HIGHWAY is really a metaphor for LIFE?!?

Life.  Is.  A.  Highway.  In which case…

Life is a highway
I want to ride it all night long
If you’re going my way
I want to drive it all night long


You KNEW it was comin’ right?  You KNEW I had to do it!  It’s been WAY too long since I trotted out that neat trick.  You may call it a scary glimpse into a disturbed mind-that-translates-everything-into-song-lyrics.  But I call it a neat trick.  And since this is MY blog, what I say goes.  So shut your pie-hole.

And yes.  Yes, technically Tom Cochrane DID release “Life is a Highway” in 1991 on his album Mad, Mad World.   But he most likely WROTE IT in 1989.  Which means I RULE!!!  I rule in the “80’s song for every moment in life” game we play.

I have always ruled.  And I continue to rule.

Ruling.  Ruling.  Still ruling.  Yep, still ruling…

And lest you think this was all a set-up: for the record, I DO actually love me some middle lane.

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