Goat Cheese

I made chicken breasts in a shallot cream sauce the other night for dinner.  Sissy helped me, so she was privy to all the ingredients.  [Hey!  It’s what we stay at homers do!  We make gourmet meals with our daughter-apprentice every night for our family.  Why?  What do YOU make?!?  Don’t roll your eyes at me, Peeps.  I’ll take you DOWN!]

When Sonny and Hubby came home from Sonny’s wrasslin’ practice, they tucked into the meal.  Sissy exclaimed that she had a secret about what was in the chicken, but I quickly hushed her up because Sonny was in 7th Heaven over it and I didn’t want her to burst his bubble.

He’s nibbling on the prosciutto wrapped around the chicken (Yes.  Wrapped around the chicken.  Why?  What do YOU make for dinner??  Bring it!) and proclaiming this to be his SECOND favorite meal.  (His first favorite meal is bean-and-cheese-burritos.  I can go plebian if I have to.)

I mean this kid was going into raptures over this chicken mistakenly thinking it’s wrapped in bacon.  He loved it so much he requested it for his birthday meal in March!

Then he flips the chicken over and says, “Hey!  What’s this?”

Sissy replies, “That’s the secret I was telling you about.  Try it.”  So Sonny dips a tentative finger in the white ooze coming out of the chicken and says…

“Oh, no!  NO!  No, no, no, no.  Mom!  NO!” in the same horrified tone of voice that you might use if you found a bloody band-aide or severed head in your chicken.

Hey!  What can I say?  The recipe called for stuffing the chicken breasts with GOAT CHEESE before wrapping them in prosciutto and covering them in shallot cream sauce.  I thought it was good.  But then again, I like goat cheese.

Now just a word here on goat cheese: You hate it until you like it.  It’s unclear whether this love/hate thing has anything to do with age.   I mean, Sonny likes FETA for Heaven’s sake…and if there’s ONE cheese that tastes like throw up going DOWN?  It’s Feta.  So why wouldn’t he like goat cheese??  What’s important here is that he periodically tries it to see if he likes it.  Yet.  That switch can turn ‘on’ at any moment.

Right now?  We’re still in the ‘nope…nope…still no…Mom, NO!’ phase.  But one day we’ll get to the ‘Hey , this is GOOD!’  Phase.

It’s kinda like me with jobs.  I don’t want one.  Wait.  Let me check again.  Nope…nope…still no.  But once I GET one?   I’m sure it will be…GOOD!

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