Job Schmob

Who needs a job?  I.  Am.  BUSY!  Here’s what I have going on (in no particular order):

  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (I’m collecting the cash donations).
  • School fundraiser is coming up next weekend and I’m doing Registration (and table seating, and making 350 registration packets, and handling all the last-minute loons.  And trust me.  There are mucho, mucho loons).
  • Sissy’s confirmation is this Saturday with out-of-town guests coming in.  We’ll have about a dozen peeps at a party afterwards.  So there’s plenty of planning going on for that.  And you know what’s particularly fun here?  The basement bedroom flooded this week-end.  Which is where my folks were going to sleep.  The carpet is destroyed and the walls are saturated.  Think we can get this all back to normal by Wednesday when they fly in?  Sure gonna try!  And that right there is good times.
  • I’m an unpaid housecleaner now, so I’m doing all the housecleaning in the house.  (Total drag, but that goes without saying.  At least I don’t have to clean the basement, right?  Well…today at least.)
  • Grocery shopping, cooking, baking for family and aforementioned guests.
  • Squozed in there are various meetings, sports practices, shopping trips, appointments etc. etc.
  • Oh, and I was also trying to sew a slipcover for a chair.  But that became a total clusterbomb so I only got as far as a slipcover for the ottoman.  Stay tuned for Chair Slipcover Part II early next year.
  • Hosting two tables for Advent by Candlelight.  It’s an evening where the school moms get together and “reflect” (code for drink wine) before the craziness of the Christmas Season.  I’m hosting TWO tables which entails decorating and providing food (and mucho, mucho wine) for upwards of 20 women.  That’s the Monday AFTER the school fundraiser.  ‘Reflect’ more, breathe less.
  • Interviewing student ‘workers’ for various ‘jobs’ that they’ll hold in a pretend town in a few weeks.  This Ameritowne program is quite nifty and teaches the kids some real world skills (like…uh…interviewing.  Oh, and check-writing.  I learned how to write a check FROM MY COLLEGE ROOMMATE!).  Again, nifty program, but a boatload of work for the volunteer moms.

And then a mom emailed me last night wondering if I’d be collecting for the softball coach’s end-of-season gift in time for the end-of-season party this Friday.


The fresh, lovely, NEW stay at home me did the money collecting and coach gift buying last year – in addition to bringing all of the toppings for the ice-cream party.  Beat-up, bedraggled, blogger me (that’s called ALLITERATION, Children) says NO WAY!


P.S.  Yes, Unemployment Office, I continue to make my five requisite job contacts per week.  So let’s add that to the list, shall we?

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