Fun Fact

Hey!  Speaking of fun facts, here’s a fun fact for ya: Hubby and I met TWENTY-FIVE years ago today at a Halloween party!  Fun, right?!

He was dressed as a guy wearing a sombrero, a mask and frayed yellow pants.  I was dressed as a sorority-girl-who-had-just-come-from-a-rush-function-looking-for-a-free-beer.  (Not much to either costume, I think we can all agree!)  A word to the wise here – if someone who has just rescued you from a spilled beer on your super cute 80’s sweater asks you up to their fraternity room to show you their Colorado driver’s license.  You should totally go.  It may be true love.

Thank you for 25 BOOOOtiful years together, Masked-Man!!! 

But speaking of Halloween…what’s everyone giving out this year??  I asked my kids the other day to weigh in on the decision, and my son declares that we’re gonna give out chips.  Because we always give out chips!

Uh, ok.  What alternate universe have I been living in where I remember what I was wearing 25 years ago, but I don’t remember what I’ve given out for Halloween for the last few years?!?

Even though methinks someone just has a hankerin’ for chips, I’m gonna go with it.  Chips it is.  And I don’t want to hear a single word about it.  Because if I do, you’ll get a spider ring and count yourself lucky to live another day.

And really, in the scheme of things, chips aren’t the WORST thing you’ve ever gotten in your Halloween bag, right?

One time a guy made me do a TRICK (who does THAT nowadays??  But I suppose it’s within the rules of the game since it is TRICK-or-treat after all.)  As my reward, I got raisins.  RAISINS!!!  In that little box with the happy lady on the front.  I hate raisins.  And that happy lady.

And you know what my mother used to give out?  Cans of soda.  And when those ran out, she would give out toothbrushes.  Or did she START with toothbrushes and then switch to sodas?  I can’t remember.  And no, she wasn’t a dentist.  Just a lady living at the end of a long stone driveway whose house was about two acres away from everyone else’s house.  To this day I remain surprised that no one ever plugged a Generic Shoprite Cola through our front window.

And to make Halloween even more fun, my mom would send us out trick-or-treating right after we got home from school.  Which pretty much guaranteed we were everyone’s first trick-or-treater of the day.  Which meant they were all ill-prepared to receive us (maybe THAT explains the box of raisins?!?).  And that’s only if they were even home.

In Mom’s defense, I will say that there were no sidewalks in the ‘hood, and we had to go over the river and through the woods to get any candy or spy Grandmother’s cap.  So it’s best to do all of that in the daylight, I suppose.

But it’s a heck of a lot of work.  For very minimal return.  So when all the trudging around with raisins in your candy sack was over, a soda was just the pick-me-up you needed.  Before you brushed your teeth and went to bed.

But chips would have been good too!

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