Tech Support

Did you hear about that university teaching assistant who meant to email her students the answer to a math problem?  Instead, she accidentally sent nude pictures of herself.

Heavens. To. Betsy!  How do you accidentally DO something like that?!?   Hey!  Teaching Assistant?  Note to self – don’t save the nudie pics under a similar file name as the math answers: MathAnswers102513 vs. MathAnswersandnudiepics102513.  What were you thinking?!?

Ugh.  But who hasn’t accidentally sent something cringe-worthy a time or two by email?!  (No, not nudie pics per se, I’m talking more along the lines of sending an email ranting about someone TO that very same someone.  Oopsie.)

But Nude Pics Gate reminds me of all of the fun I used to have at work.  Back when I had a job.  (No, I don’t have another one yet, but thanks for bringing it up stink eye stink eye.)

Wait…what?!?  Nude Pics Gate reminds me of work?  How so, exactly??

Don’t worry, don’t worry.  No nude pics were sent.  EVER.  But there was porn…on purpose.

At this point my mother is having an absolute apoplectic fit.  Can’t you just feel the waves of disapproval coming all the way from Virginia?!?   

Settle down, Sparky.  Read on.

Back when I had a job (again, no – not YET…STINK EYE, STINK EYE) I used to work with a bunch of software developers, computer geeks and computer-geeks-turned-software-salesmen.  These were the guys wearing Birkenstocks, gym shorts and ratty t-shirts to work, playing Golf Frisbee on the “quad” at lunch, throwing sharpened pencils into the ceiling tiles at midnight.  Periodically, their geeky hi-jinx infiltrated the entire office.  For example, one of them had a Nerf machine gun, and whenever they heard someone coming around the corner of their office, they would unload a round of Nerf suction cup pellets on their visitor.  Or one of them might get the brilliant idea to ‘penny’ co-workers into their office.  Hardy-har-har, right?

Well, it may or may not have been after the penny-ing.  And I may or may not have been one of the coworkers penny’d into her office, when I enlisted the help of tech support to send the penny-er an ‘innocuous’ email FROM tech support.

When the penny-er opened the email about important computer upgrades, there was a script that ran in the background which turned the computer volume all-the-way-up and a voice blasted out, “Hey Everyone!  I’m lookin’ at PORN over here!!!” followed by maniacal laughter.

Like meerkats, the other co-workers popped their heads up and poked their noses out of their office in the direction of the ‘porn watcher’ who appeared sheepishly from around the corner, laughing.  The tips of his sticky-out ears were very, very red.

After Red Ears made a general announcement of, “You got me!” directed to no one in particular, everyone disappeared back into their offices.  Then, from up and down the hallway you heard…Hey!…Hey Everyone!….Hey!…Hey!….I’m lookin’ at PORN over here!!!…Hey!…HA, HA, HA…

Of course, it wasn’t REALLY porn.  Just a loud voice SHOUTING about porn.  Yes, there’s a difference.   And I never DID get that email forwarded to me, but I never DID get penny-d into my office again.

Not that I HAVE an office anymore, but thanks for bringing it up.  Stink eye, stink eye.

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