The Nose Knows

I have the WORST internal nose pimple of all time.  On the right outer nostril rim.  But inside.  But not ALL the way inside.  In other words, I can’t gitatit from OUTSIDE my nose.  And I can’t gitatit from INSIDE my nose.   It’s inside the outside of my nose.

TMI?!?  Naw!  It’s just us and you won’t tell anyone, right??

Anyway, it hurts sooo much that I have to keep feeling it to see if it still hurts.  Ouch.  Yep, still hurts.  Ouch, yep.  Ouch!  Yep, still hurts.  Ouch, yep.

And it’s become…unsightly.  Which has led me to draw my own conclusions about why Rudolph’s nose was bright red like that.  I had always suspected an overindulgence in peppermint schnapps was to blame – but it turns out his nose glowed because he probably had an internal nose pimple too.

Ugh.  Seriously.  I can feel the Beat of My Heart (Foreigner, 1988 – and it turns out there IS an 80’s song for every moment in life…including those moments when you have an internal nose pimple) in the TIP of my nose.  EVERY beat of my heart.  Buh-boom.  Ow.  Buh-boom.  Ow!

Also?  I look like that chick in all those Picasso paintings.  That chick who’s looking straight at you but her nose is shifted off to the side.  Yeah, that chick.

I’m glad SOMEBODY made it to the bigtime with their nose pimple.  It’s really hard to function with one (not only does it hurt, but it makes your eye water constantly – so that might explain her wonky lookin’ eye too) so kudos to her for being able to sit through the pain while Picasso painted her umpteem times.  Her AND her off-set nose.

Hey – speaking of NOSES!!!  Ow.  Yep, still hurts.  Ouch – yep!  Ooh!!  Yep.  Still hurts…

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