Sandwiched between two worlds

Summer’s here and I’m really struggling with my job plans.  I mean, if I got a job now, WHAT WOULD I DO WITH THE KIDS?!? [you all know signing up for summer camps, nannies, daycare etc. needed to be done in January at the latest.  But mostly at the end of LAST summer.  Am I right??]

But by the same token, while I’m kinda looking forward to my first-ever-summer-without-a-job-as-an-adult, I’m seized with guilt about how I can go a whole summer without a job!!

What to do, what to do.

In the meantime, my daughter paid me a nice compliment after I made her a sandwich to eat post-softball practice.

“Mom!  This is the BEST SANDWICH!!  It’s so good that you could get a JOB making sandwiches!!!”

Now, I mentioned that this was after softball practice, right?  A practice that lasted 2.5 hours, what with travel time and all.  And it was 8:30 at night.  And she was FAMISHED!  I could have made a sandwich out of two pieces of cardboard and slathered dust on it and she probably would have said the same thing.

But it’s good to know I have career options.

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