Hi and welcome to my blog!

After being in the workforce for almost 25 years, I now find myself out of a job.  My kids are 10 and 8.  And for the first time ever…I am now a stay-at-home-mom.

Did you catch that part about for the first time ever?!  As in – brand NEW!  I’m not a new mother, just a new stay at home mom (.com).

All along, my working mom friends and I would say to each other “what do they DO all day?!”  We couldn’t imagine how stay-at-home-moms  occupy their time.

Well, now I am one of “them.”  And I wanted to blog about my experiences as I unravel the mystery.

So – again – welcome.  And enjoy.

One thought on “Hello!

  1. Love the blog! Great idea and seriously relax and enjoy not working. It is a luxury not a curse. You just need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be superwoman. You have been there done that, now just enjoy life for a while. It takes just as much skill to slow down and enjoy yourself as it does to fly mach 7 with your hair on fire.
    Miss you! K

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