Week 5 – P90X

Anybody else remember that Dentist Skit from the Carol Burnett Show?  It’s the one where Tim Conway is a dentist and he’s trying to give his patient, Harvey Korman, a Novocaine shot. ‘Cept Tim accidentally keeps stabbing himself with the hypodermic needle until he’s lost the fine-motor skills in his arms and legs.

Well…that’s me.

After Week 5 of P90X.

Week 5 works NEW muscles never previously worked before.  So NOW??  Now those muscles don’t work AT ALL!  [As a side note, Week 5 is all part of Tony’s “muscle confusion” theory.  Which goes something like this:  Wait.  I’m confused.  I have muscles THERE we now have to work out?!?]

But besides our limbs not working properly – the only difference between Tim and me at this point is that ACTUAL Novocaine shots would have made my useless limbs hurt a HE&% of a lot LESS!!!