Cotillion Academy

When Sonny got home from school yesterday, his invitation to Cotillion Academy was waiting.

“Hey Sonny, here’s your invitation to Cotillion Academy!”

Cotillion Academy – or as I call it: Fancy Manners School – must have a camera trained on Sonny.  And they must know that he is the ONE boy in all the kingdom who really SHOULD go to Fancy Manners School.  In particular the “Fifth Grade Program: Minding Your Manners At Home” being offered in the lovely, just-received invitation which seems random and out-of-the-blue, but isn’t.  Because the camera reveals all.

Except when I said that thing all excited-like about “Hey Sonny, here’s your invitation to Cotillion Academy!” his immediate and emphatic response was, “No!  No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!  NO!!!”

And without breaking stride, Sonny moves right into his afterschool routine, getting a snack and telling me all about his day, in particular how he and three of his buddies did parkour during recess.  

When I asked if the whole parkour thing was just a big, huge excuse for jumping over the school fence so they could dare each other to pee once they were on the other side, Sonny’s after-school drink shot out of his nose and all over the floor. 

Ok, two things here: 1) Methinks someone hit the parkour pee scenario right on the nose and 2) Yep.  Yeppy yeppers.  Cotillion Academy, here we come.