My Son Michelangelo

One of my son’s teachers stopped my husband in the school hallway yesterday to pass on this sculpture she had recently confiscated from Sonny.  She thought it was super creative and that it took a lot of work, so she didn’t want to throw it away.  But at the same time, she needed to remove it as a “distraction.”

So I ask you now, can you guess what it is? 

Naw, me neither.

But more importantly, can you guess what it’s made out of?  No?!  How about if I tell you Sonny has this teacher’s class right after snack time.

Still no??

Ok, we could go on all day with this, but quite frankly I need to go wash my hands, so let me tell you what it’s made out of…

Those red wax skins that come off of Mini BabyBel cheese wheels.

Creative right?  But Sonny doesn’t like those little cheeses.  He doesn’t eat those  little cheeses.  I never buy those little cheeses nor send them in with him for snack time.

So let’s title this sculpture something like “Unsanitary Red Wax Number Three” and then you can go wash your hands too.