Friday Night Flight

This past Friday night found me sitting on the couch looking at my iPhone.  Hubby was on my right watching the baseball game through his eyelids.  And Sonny was on my left reading a book about the history of the Cyclops.  (Sissy?  She was up in her room singing the entire soundtrack to Frozen.)

Why yes, this IS my Friday night.  Wellllllllllcome!

When ‘Ding!’  An email about the week-end’s Big Lots “Friends and Family” sale came through.

Sonny casually looked over at my phone and homed in on the section of the electronic flyer that said, “22-28% off Zero Gravity Chairs.”

“Oh my GOSH, Mom!  Click that to see how much they are!”

I could already tell that Sonny was calculating how much money he had in his wallet and if the zero gravity chairs are cheap enough at the sale price, then perhaps he could buy two.  One for himself and one for his sister.  Afterall, it’s no fun to ride around the neighborhood on your zero gravity chair by yourself.

Yep.  My life on a Friday night.  Where I can predict the thoughts of a 10-year-old-boy.  Wellllllllllcome!

So I clicked through and it took us to a display of patio chairs.  Loungers to be exact.  Some with canopies.  Some without.

“Wow.  That’s really crappy.  Those are totally terrible zero gravity chairs,” he said manfully after his dreams of flying-through-the-neighborhood were dashed.

Hubby (who I THOUGHT was sleeping, but who actually must have been eagerly anticipating the cost outcome of the zero gravity chair research) piped in with, “That IS a terrible name.  Truth in advertising and all that.  You’re just never going to be able to live up to a name like that.  So why name it that?”

Good point.  And someone seems a little angrier than the situation calls for.  Welllllllcome!

So in summation, Zero Gravity Chair is a terrible, terrible name.  It means there will be no flight for us at a discounted rate. 

But you know what a GREAT name is?  A name that PERFECTLY describes my Friday nights??

Coulditbe Goin’ Out Drinkin’ Mom?!? 


I’m a Stay At Home Mom.  A mom.  Who stays at home.  Wellllllllcome!