Peace and Quiet

Every year – for his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day – we’d ask my dad what he wanted for a gift and he would invariably reply, “Peaceandquiet.”  Like it was all one word and something you could wrap up and hand over at cake time.

Well I’m here to tell you that peaceandquiet doesn’t come easy in a house with five kids and, quite frankly, is impossible to give.  In a house with five kids.  (All gag gifts of ear plugs aside and I already mentioned about the five kids, right?)

But today?  Today for Father’s Day, I wanted to finally, FINALLY give my father that gift.  It makes no never mind that all five of us kids have been out of the house for decades, and Dad has a plethora of peaceandquiet now.  (Well, other than what my mother can make inroads into, that is.  Hi, Mom, rock on!)

So, to the man who: left the gift-of-a-cool-flashlight under my pillow when I was a kid so I could discover it on my birthday while you were away on a fishing trip; who strategically placed pieces of cardboard all over our rocky driveway so that you and I could practice bounce passes and layups in preparation for my highschool basketball games; who wrote letters to me on your work letterhead when I was in college; who calls me now every Wednesday because you said you would.  I thank you for being a great father and for all the big and small ways you showed me your love.  And now…without further ado…I present you with: peaceandquiet. 

Everyone, everyone!  Shhhhhh!!  It’s starting!!  Be vewy, vewy QUIET!!!! 
























































































I love you, Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!

P.S.  Hi, Hubby.  Thank you for being a great father to our own kids.  I love you and Happy Father’s Day to you too!!