Knighty Knight

Have you ever been so stunningly wrong about something that it still occurs to you, years later, how you never, ever saw it comin’?!?

Yeah.  No, me neither.

But I came close once.

Several years ago, in the car, on the way to church, Sonny was asking about knights.  Do they exist?  Are there still knights around today?  What about the swords?  Are knights still using swords??

He was so enamored with the knight trappings that it seemed like he was considering knighthood as a viable career option.  Well…as long as there were still knights and swords and everything.  Thus all the questions.

But nope.  No knights.  No swords.  No more. 

And except for a bizarre sidebar about Sir Elton John (which left Hubby shaking his head and me knowing it was confusing even before words like “honorary” and “Order of the British Empire” started vomiting out of my mouth), my blanket statement was: Nope.  No knights.  No swords.  No more. 

So we get to church and go to the Cry Room*.  This particular cry room was up on the second floor of the church and was fronted entirely by glass, so that you had an eagle’s eye view of the proceedings down below.

I’m seated towards the back and am gazing out into empty space as Sonny approaches the window.  There he completely freezes.  Stands stock still and stares.  He turns back to me and whispers furiously, “Who are THOSE GUYS?!?”

I approach the window and look down.  And there – row upon row – as far as the eye can see, are men in big, plume-topped hats.  They’re parading in, wearing black capes with various jewel-toned linings.  They have Miss America sashes of medals across their chests.  And?  THEY ALL HAVE SWORDS STRAPPED TO THEIR WAISTS!!!


Er.  The Knights of Columbus.

And for the record: NO!  No there are NO MORE headhunters!  Anywhere.  Anymore.  None.  No. Headhunters. 

They’re called Recruiters nowadays.


*For those who don’t know, the Cry Room is a special, sound-proof room in the church that sports a huge glass window.  People in the room cannot be heard, but they can see and hear what’s going on in the church.  And this is the special room where kids who shout “CHIPS!!!” everytime the Holy Communion wafers are presented have to sit so that everyone else can enjoy their chips in peace-and-quiet without being harassed about not sharing.