Pot (of coffee, that is)

Hey.  You think you’re the only whiz-bang who’s reloading the mini coffee pot in your hotel room using the cup YOU JUST DRANK OUT OF?!?

‘Cause you’re not. 

But enough about YOU.  Back to me.

My coffee pot broke.  Not just broke, but plumed acrid, black smoke and snap, crackle, popped to death.  It was a whole “throw it out the back door using oven mitts” sort of thing.

This has left me trying to survive my mornings with a mini coffee pot that I got from a hotel room somewhere and which apparently serves coffee to a grand total of one leprechaun.  Which means that I have to make three consecutive pots-o’-leprechaun-coffee to equal one new stay at home mom sized java injection.

It’s annoying.  Totally annoying.  And I haven’t had enough caffeine yet this morning so don’t PISS ME OFF OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!!  I WILL FREAKIN’ CUT YOU. 

Because I just want massive quantities of coffee…VATS of coffee…GET INTO MY BELLY, COFFEE!!  And I don’t want to be constantly fiddling with a teeeeny tiiiiiny coffeepot that makes me feel like I have a serious case of ham-hands.

So what do to, what to do??  I had my first coffee pot for TWENTY YEARS!  This second pot didn’t even last 18 months.  SONOFAB**CH!!  When I called the manufacturer with the “twenty years vs. less-than-18-months” storyline?  Lucky day!  The 18-month-old coffee pot is still under warranty.  So they’re sending me another one.  The exact same make and model.  FREE!

Remember that part about “house almost caught on fire?!”  Yeah, remember that??  Yes – more of that, please.  But this time for FREE!