P90X – hard won advice (Part 2)

Just a few (more) friendly tips and tricks I’ve uncovered now that I’m wrapping up Week 4 of P90X:

8. If your arms are noodle-y from too many push-ups…do NOT try “just one more” because you WILL crash face-first into the floor!

9. On days where Ab Ripper X is on the menu?  It’s tacked on to the end of the previous dvd.  You don’t have to put in the SEPERATE Ab Ripper X dvd (d’uh, ya moron!)

10. For those of you (me!) who thought yoga was easy?  Try it the way the Tone-ster does it.  It’s really, really hard.

11. Do not.  I repeat NOT.  Feel like you can eat MORE food now that you’re doing P90X.  It does NOT work that way.

12.  Is it possible for the blub (aka belly fat) to become trapped “behind enemy lines?”  I feel like my belly is getting bigger!  Which makes me think I’ve built up this wall of muscle, but now the fat is trapped in front of it and has nowhere to go but out, thus actually INCREASING my waistline.  Stop looking at the tip above.  That has nothing to do with this tip.  I said…stop looking!

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