Wednesday – the day AFTER the day after Labor Day

I saw a friend last week who – without knowing about my job take – mentioned that I looked so well-rested and refreshed.  She wanted to know my secret.

And then another friend – who did know about my job take and who wanted to see if I could get together for coffee one day this week – texted me yesterday and said that I looked skinny and wanted to know if I was spending my days working out (hardy har har – I guess that’s how we stay at homers josh around with each other).

But that brings us to a more pressing issue.  WTF?!?  Clearly I looked like a fat, frazzled mess when I was working full-time!!!  And here I thought I pulled it all off with panache!  Élan!!  Apparently not so much.  So now we’ve got to add delusional to the mix.  Fat, frazzled, delusional.

Here’s how the score now stands: Being a stay at home mom – 1.  Being a working mom – 0.

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