Long Week-end!

Wooo hooo!  Long week-end!!  Kids only had a half-day of school so I didn’t need to come up with any faux errands to occupy my time.  I can save those for next week.

Jogging, talking to the neighbors, getting ready for kid pick-up and picking up  – that’s about all I had time for this a.m.

But this p.m. I started to think about this long week-end stretching out before me.  With this stay at home mom thing there’s lots and lots of time to think.  And to hear that roaring ocean-in-a-seashell sound.  Which I now think is actually coming from inside my head.

Labor Day Week-end.  This long week-end is in honor of those who labor.  Which isn’t me.  Anymore.

Did I build up enough labor “points” when I was laboring that they now somehow carry over to those years when I don’t labor?  Or is someone at the local pool on Monday gonna be able to tell just by looking at me that I’m a Labor Day fraud?!

Speaking of pools…did you ever have that friend growing up who had that pool?  Remember how her older brothers spoke so convincingly of the chemicals they added to the pool that would cause a red dot to appear and follow you around in the pool if you pee’d in it?  From ages 8 to 10 – while swimming – I would suddenly whip around to see if I could catch a glimpse of that red dot.  Never did see it.  But I guess now I’ve given myself away.

Yeah – I pee’d in the pool.  I totally admit it.  And when it was my turn to be the older kid, I spent a good portion of my pool time convincing little kids that there was a red dot that would follow you around…

And as a side note, if you wanna spark some interesting conversation sometime, take a poll of your half-drunk friends as to whether or not THEY pee in the pool.  Or the shower.  You’d be surprised.  But be warned, the topic is very polarizing.

All of this makes me wonder if there might be chemicals in the air that mix with the eau-de-guilt wafting off of me (while I’m celebrating Labor Day when I really shouldn’t be) which will eventually form some sort of karmic red dot which floats around behind me for all to see?  Labor Day celebration??  I’m not “entitled” to it, so I shouldn’t be there, doing that.

So if you see me in the pool on Labor Day and I’m being followed by a red dot…and another red dot…you’ll know why.

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