Caroling Haiku

My daughter is doing a segment on poetry in English class (as my son says – ENGLISH class?!?  But she already knows how to speak English!!!).  One of the types of poetry they are studying is the Haiku.  For those who are too far away from 5th grade English class to remember what a Haiku is (or who don’t speak English) –  a Haiku is comprised of three lines: the first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables and the third line has 5 syllables.

In honor of our recent travels to Haiku-town, I wanted to give you a de-brief of the Cubscout Caroling Clusterbomb 2012 in Haiku form:

Scouts subside, chimps rise

Not caroling now, ever…

Instead ape-boy yopps

Hey – and you know what else is totally, TOTALLY like a Cubscout meeting?  A wrestling match (only it smells slightly worse than a scout meeting)

It’s got the same run-by-men, chaotic, wandering-around-because-no-one-knows-where-they’re-supposed-to-be-or-what-they’re-supposed-to-be-doing sort of  vibe to it.  So in honor of THAT – I’ve written another Haiku.

No direction, none.

Cluster bomb of massive size.

Disorganized mess.

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