Fire in the poop deck!

As Mr. Crabs would say (he’s from Sponge Bob Square Pants btw…but must I really explain?!), “Mother of pearl!  Fire in the poop deck!!”

In other words, “Heavens-to-Betsy!  Houston we have a problem!!!”

All of a sudden it’s come to light that there was no cubscout meeting scheduled this month.  The cubscout leader “gently” took us to task over it and as a result I threw out a flippant offer to go caroling at my house knowing full well we’d never get a quorum of scouts this late in the game.  Since it’s Christmas-time and everyone is soooo busy with other obligations, no one has time to squeeze in one MORE thing, right?!??!?!??!


Turns out there’s enough time for some quick caroling with 8 monkeys and various siblings at my house on Friday.

Like I said – Fire in the poop deck!

I’m sending out an SOS email to my drinking-buddy-neighbor-ladies today to see if anyone will be home so that we can go caroling to their house.  And so that they can give me drinks to keep me alive until the end of what will soon be referred to as Cubscout Caroling Fiasco 2012.  (No – Mom & Dad, I don’t have a drinking problem.  I drink, get drunk, fall down, no problem.  Kidding!  Totally kidding.  No – no problem.)

Mother of Pearl!!!!

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