University of Sissy

Sissy went to college yesterday.

Wait, what?! Back up the bus.

Will do. Now everyone on.

Just what I said. Sissy went to college yesterday.

It was for sleepaway basketball camp, but still. It gave me such a sense of panic that it could’ve almost been the real thing.

We’re not ready for COLLEGE! We haven’t even bought the BUCKET!!  You know the bucket.  The bucket in which you put all your toiletries so as to easily schlep them to the shower and back to your dorm room.  They have cute buckets nowadays.  Not the dumb buckets from the hardware store like back in my day.  I was really looking forward to buying the bucket together.  But the college thing snuck up on us so fast we didn’t have time.

You know what else we didn’t have time to do? Figure out how I was going to get to college WITH Sissy.  This is key because for as long as  I  she can remember, it’s been  my her plan that I would join her in her dorm room for the first few years of college and sleep in the bottom bunk.  No, not the top bunk. The top bunk would be weird, ya weirdo.  Bottom bunk says cool, hip mom.  Top bunk says complete nut job.  And we all know which kind of mom I am.  And I only plan to stay for the first two years anyway.  Because then I’ll have to head off to college with Sonny and sleep in his bottom bunk. 

And because I was we were so wrapped up in the internal bucket conversation and the what-the-bottom-bunk-says-about-your-mother scenario, Sissy forgot to pack a towel.  So now there’s a towel blame storm burning us from college.  Hubby replied to Sissy’s towel text string with the wise advice to buy a towel at the snack shop. I think we’re getting college confused with the Jersey Shore. Absent towels for sale at the snack shop and money with which to buy one!?  Hubby’s suggestion was to use a t-shirt and lots of deodorant.

So, there you have it. Not sure why I was worried about the bucket or who was in the bottom bunk.  No one’s gonna notice any of that with whatever crazy business is going down with the t-shirt and deodorant every day.

Yep, I think college is going well for us so far.

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