Rise of the Guardians

Back when we lived in Pennsylvania (did I mention we used to live in PA?!) we would get the Monday after Thanksgiving off because it was the first day of deer-hunting season (?!?).

Here in Colorado (did I mention we live in CO?!) we apparently get the Monday after Thanksgiving off to put up our outside holiday decorations.  The Fall Harvest scarecrows in our front yard were looking pretty sad-sack compared to all the glorious Christmas stuff everyone put up over the week-end so we had to hop on it today!

Speaking of the week-end, we went to see the movie “Rise of the Guardians.”  It’s a pretty cute movie if you picture Santa Claus as an intimidating Russian Cossack.  Other than that, it did raise a major question:

SONNY:  Soooo…if Santa is for Christmas and the Easter Bunny is for Easter, what holiday does the Sandman do?

SISSY:  (my daughter, not actually named Sissy, just called Sissy for the purposes of this blog so as to perserve her anonymity because when you know EVERYTHING and you’re only 10, people want to know your name) The Sandman doesn’t represent a holiday.  He comes at night to sprinkle crusties in your eyes and give you good dreams.

ME: [in my head] wow, that’s totally right!  Maybe she DOES know everything about everything and that’s why she THINKS she knows everything about everything.  That’s my girl!  Like mother, like daughter.

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