Epic Fail Elevator Prank

Hey, speaking of trips to California!  It’s time to share another anecdote from our recent trip there, this one starring Sister of Gumbutt, better known for blog purposes as Sissy.

But first, to set the stage, you need to understand that Hubby is some sort of Hyatt Regency Overlord and whenever he stays at their manor house, they show him their fealty and obeisance by locking him in an ivory tower on the FIFTEENTH floor which can only be accessed by a special key card. They then store the high-end Overlord snackypoos and free breakfast on the top secret SIXTEENTH floor which can also only be accessed by that same special key card.

Now you have that important backstory we can move on to Sissy’s super amusing elevator prank…

One morning during our trip, Sissy, Sonny and I headed up to the 16th floor for breakfast while Hubby stayed in the room getting ready for a business meeting. Sissy ran ahead to scare us. This is what the rest of the world does on vacation, isn’t it? Run around hotel hallways POPPING out at each other and shouting “BOO!,” right?? Except when Sonny and I came around the corner to the elevator bank, there was no Sissy. Odd. Thinking perhaps she had met another Overlord and hitched a ride to the 16th floor, we proceeded up there to the lock-down breakfast area to investigate.

Still no Sissy.

So I left Sonny noshing on some wasabi peas whilst swilling Pepsi and went back to the 15th floor thinking we had simply missed Sissy; Maybe she had run further ahead than we thought and when she backtracked to the elevator bank, we were gone. In which case surely she was now back in our room without having ever left the 15th floor.

Hubby, still in the room, confirmed there was no Sissy there. He further confirmed that since she had left with me, she hadn’t taken a key card. So now we weren’t sure WHERE she could be.

And this, My Friends, is where she was…

When she had run ahead of us, she had quickly called up, then hidden IN, the elevator – all the way around the corner of the elevator where the buttons were – ducked down so we wouldn’t see her until we were right inside the elevator! Yikes! Wouldn’t that be a surprise and regular laugh riot?!?

While she was hiding and giggling to herself like a loon, tee hee hee I’m gonna get ’em good and it’s gonna be a GAS! the elevator doors slid shut. And stayed shut. And without a key card, she couldn’t get back to the 15th floor where she was, nor to the 16th floor where she wanted to go. It gets funnier and funnier…

So she went to the 14th floor and got into the stairwell to walk back up to the 15th floor.

Locked. The Hyatt isn’t stupid.

She walked to the 16th floor.

Locked. They protect their Overlords from the common rabble.

So she walked BACK to the 14th floor.

Now locked. This is frickin’ hilarious…

She kept trying all the stairway doors on all the floors until the one on the 10th floor opened. So she walked to the elevator bank and got into the elevator on the 10th floor with a surprised-seeming English Gent. How would YOU react if a leggy teen dressed in beach wear walked out of the stairwell and followed you down the hall and into the elevator? When Sissy explained to said Gent that she had “gotten separated from her mother” (her words, not mine), he indeed expressed surprise, then dismay, then quickly got off the elevator at the Upper Lobby.  Sissy followed him out. I mean, come on! He must’ve been feeling like some weird Cal-i-for-nye-yay grift was underway.

But after watching unhelpful English Gent hustle off without a backward glance, Sissy got back into the elevator and went to the Lower Lobby. As she was coming out of one elevator, I was coming out of another elevator looking for her. Reunited!  And what a COMPLETE waste of time the whole thing was.

And THAT, Boys and Girls, is how to conduct an uproarious, SIDE-SPLITTING Elevator Prank. Of the Epic Fail variety.

Thank you and good day.

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