Listen up!

Hubby and I had a recent conversation wherein he was talking about purchasing a shade canopy to use during Sissy’s softball tournaments, but I could NOT figure out what he was even saying.  Based on the few words I did catch, I thought he was talking about purchasing shelters shelters? Picnic shelters?? either FROM a neighborhood boyscout (bad plan) or FOR a neighborhood boyscout (why would we DO that?!).

Anyway, Hubby eventually figured out I couldn’t hear him and so he ultimately made his master canopy plan known.  There may have even been some pantomime.

The whole thing reminded me of the very earliest days of our marriage when I just stopped being able to hear him.

Back when we were fresh-faced newlyweds (23 years ago today in fact – Happy Anniversary, My Twew Wuv) allofasudden the words coming out of his mouth stopped making sense.  I mean, I could see his lips move and know sentences were being formed, but he would have to repeat himself several times and even resort to some cut-rate mime stuff before I could make out what he was saying.

I never did figure out what THAT was about.  Maybe some psychosomatic backlash?  Like, now that I had him locked to my side for all eternity, having just vowed all that richer-poorer-sickness-health jazz, I could now simply stop listening to him.  No matter what I did – up to and including no longer being able to hear him – he was still mine.  MINE I SAY!!  MWA ha ha!!! [evil laugh]

But that wackiness stopped shortly after we got back from our honeymoon.  And I’ve been able to hear him just fine ever since.  Well…more or less…

By the way, Sweetie, I’m not on board with the boyscout picnic shelter idea.  That seems like a dumb plan. 

For his part, he’s always been able to hear ME just fine.  So he’ll hear me when I say:

Happy Anniversary.  I love you and thank you for twenty-three great years!

I’m not 100% sure, but I think he says he loves me too.  Either that…or he’s really serious about the boyscout picnic shelter and is moving forward with it.

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