Tight (part 2)

Remember my post from the other day wherein I felt like my mom because I didn’t know what the newfangled usage of the word “tight” meant?!?

I concluded the blog post with a shout out to my dad to see if he could help me figure out it out (he always helped my mom figure out all those confusing words the youngsters were using back-in-the-day so I figured he might be able to help me in the same capacity).

Here are the responses I received:

1) From my dad at 6:05 a.m.


In the circle that I now run in, “tight” means slightly drunk.  Maybe you had better ask your husband.



2) From my mom at 6:48 a.m. the same day (from the same email address)

Dad doesn’t know.   Ask your own Sweetie.  And let us know when you find out.  LOL Mom

Thanks, Folks.

Oh, and P.S., Mom – LOL means laughing out loud.  Not lots of love.  Really.

And P.P.S. – why don’t you people sleep later?!

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