Alaska – the final frontier in t.v. shows

My husband is obsessed with two t.v. shows lately, both about Alaska:

  1. Bering Sea Gold – or as I say, “I’m not buying any more gold jewelry now that I know where it comes from. Because that? Is RIDONKULOUS!” There’s endless equipment malfunctions and in-fighting amongst the team.  And if I can’t stop buying gold jewelry, I will begin paying extra for the non-conflict gold from other countries. An alternative title for this show could have been: Ice Road Truckers Go All Miner Forty-Niner on Your Assets.


  1. Alaskan Bush People – or as I call it, “Completely incompetent people who should not be living in the Alaskan wilderness yet are and will most likely pay the ultimate price for it.” The show is about this family – 2 parents, 2 younger tweenish daughters and like 4 or 5 or 12 sons who don’t hold still and look different every time you see them so it’s hard to get an actual count. They all have this Nell, “Taaaay in the weeyund” accent developed from their viewing of Jodi Foster movies on old VHS machines jerry-rigged to run via gas-powered generators. And they are endlessly underplanning for important things like building a dwelling and acquiring food before winter comes. In addition, someone gets a toothache at least once an episode and has to go by boat, olde timey wood paneled station wagon and dirt road (not necessarily in that order) to get to the only dentist in Alaska. When the toothaches happen, the 4 or 5 or 12 brothers stay behind so that they can begin catching plenty of fresh salmon for the tooth-pulling-in-exchange-for-fresh-salmon barter that will ensue. I admire the family’s big dream and all. But their execution is the pits.

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