My Funny Valentines

Hey – I’ve got an idea!  Let’s review what everyone got for Valentine’s Day…

Ok, well really this is only going to be a review of what I got for Valentine’s Day.  Just wanted to level-set.  If you want to review your stuff, get your own blog.

Let’s see…

There was the dozen hot pink roses from Hubby, actually put in a vase of water, and waiting on the kitchen table along with a card when I came down that morning.

Then there was the championship basketball game that Sissy gave me.  Listen, I’ve thought a lot about the technical foul called against me during the last game and I’ve concluded it was the result of me wearing the wrong shoes on the court.  So for the big Valentine’s Day championship game, I switched it up and wore something more appropriate.  Then, when I spotted coach that evening, I told him I was wearing the right shoes and to put me in!  Hahahahahaha.  Then I laughed maniacally like that which caused coach to back up slowly.  No matter.  We won!  This was most likely because I was wearing a thematic red scarf AND the right shoes.  AND because I’m funny.  AND because the girls played their hearts out.  It was Valentine’s Day afterall so the heart thing tied in nicely.

Finally, there was the gift from Sonny I’ve come to call: The Ninja Deathstar of Love.

Ninja Deathstar of LoveShow of hands, who else got a Ninja Deathstar of Love?!?  Come on!  I know you’re out there.  By all accounts, Sonny led SEVERAL boys in the making of these.  During school.  To the exclusion of actual classwork where Sonny could have learned spelling and such.

But pay that no never mind because this thing is an engineering marvel!  With a few tugs in all the right places, it transforms from Ninja Deathstar of Love to Ninja Octagon of Love, complete with heartfelt messages on each of the eight sides.  Ninja Octagon of LoveThings like: “With a great mom comes a great kid,” (not to put too fine a point on things) and “Thank you for everything,” or “Your [sic] the best thing that ever happened to me.”  Why yes.  Yes, I AM the best thing that ever happened to you.  And also?  Ninja Deathstar/Octagon protocol allows for crying during message review.  So go ahead if you’re so inclined.  I’ll join you.  Waaaah!

The only message that gave me pause and maybe wasn’t the hugest tearjerker of the bunch was: I’ll still love you no mader [sic] how big or small.No matter how big


I might be over-interpreting things here, but does this valentine make me sound…big?  Like I’m big and bordering on house-bound??

Not trying to be all judge-y or anything.  Or trying to make YOU be all judge-y or anything.  I’m just saying that even if I WERE big?  I’d still be loved.  No mader what.

2 thoughts on “My Funny Valentines

  1. Yep, I got a Ninja Deathstar of Love too! Mine did not have the tearjerker messages – just when pulled out had tabs that spelled “Best Mom.” Very clever, those boys!

    • Yes, very clever. I just hope there’s a career path at the Ninja Deathstar of Love factory where they may have to get a job making Deathstars of Love if they get kicked out of school!

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