Please see yesterday’s blog about my housecleaning frenzy.  During which I cleaned three bathrooms.  The toilets are now scrubbed as clean as I wish I could scrub the vision from my mind’s eye of the recent vomir (that’s fancy French for throw-up) my son piled in one of the toilets. (my toilet btw.  why does it have to be MINE?!  he’s got his own toilet for heaven’s sake!  but my toilet has some weird homing pigeon effect on vomir.)

The kids in our carpool got sick in the night too.  Their mom thinks it was the undercooked sausages everyone had for hot lunch at school.  In her house, those who didn’t have the sausages, didn’t have the vomir.  Same in mine!

Hmmmm…interesting theory…

but there weren’t any sausages to be seen in the pile when it came back up.  All I saw were about 4 cupfuls (yes, cupfuls) of what I at first thought were those squishy sliced mushrooms from the can.   As I’m trying to puzzle out why my son had eaten 4 cupfuls of squishy sliced mushrooms, it occurred to me that I gave the kids mac and cheese for dinner.  Oh!  That’s what it was.  But why the odd brown/mushroom color?  Must have been dyed that color by the post-dinner oreos.

See?  You wanna scrub now too, don’t you??  And never, EVER eat mac-and-cheese-followed-by-oreos OR 4 cupfuls of squishy-button-mushrooms-from-a-can, right??!

I don’t think anyone’s going to be eating the leftover mac and cheese tonight.  Including me.  Some things – once seen – cannot be unseen.

New dinner plan asap.  Breakfast for dinner is always a fun twist.  How ’bout pancakes and sausage??!?

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