In celebration of this Ween of Hallows, I thought it would be apropos to tell each other stories about the word “Boo!”  [As a side note on the usage of the word ‘apropos’ – French Major is in the maison!  Whoopée whoopée!  And I know JUST what you’re thinking: quel dommage that I haven’t been hired yet, n’est-ce pas?!]

Anyway.  Back to our Boo Stories.  Great idea by the way.  I’ll go first.

When I had a job and no, I still don’t have another.  See comment above about it being a pity that I haven’t been hired yet.  But thanks for asking.  ALWAYS with the asking.  stink eye, stink eye  And huh, that’s weird, because even though I said I was going first, YOU apparently went first with your ‘Boo!’ story.  It was all [sarcastic now, waving hands in the air] BOO-hoo New Stay at Home Mom doesn’t have a job after all this time.  And quite frankly, I found your story boring and repetitive.  And a bit sad-sack for my tastes.  So your turn’s done now.

My turn.

I was standing at the elevator at the end of the work day, waiting to go home.  A man comes around the corner, places his hands on my shoulders suddenly and yells in my ear, “BOO!!!!!”

I could see all of this happening in the relfecto elevator doors, so I wasn’t nearly as surprised as he was when I turned around.  His eyes flew wide and he said, “Oh no!  I TOTALLY thought you were someone else!!!”  Really?  There’s ANOTHER pretty, funny chick who works around here!?? 

The man apologized profusely and I stepped in the elevator and went on with my evening.

The next time I saw him, I yelled “Boo!” at him.  He yelled “Boo!” back.  We laughed and walked away.  And thus began the seven-year saga of “Boo!” 

We would never actually speak to eachother when we would see one another in the hall, on the elevator, in the building lobby.  We would simply exchange two words:  Boo!…BOO!!  And go on our way. 

Sometimes the Boo!…BOO!!  would be outright shout-y.  Sometimes we would channel certain personas like Thug-ee-Dee saying Boo! complete with “Word to your Mother” hand gestures.  And other times?  It would almost be like we were exchanging terms of endearment, “Hey, Boo.”  “Wassup, Boo.”

No matter what the Boo-style was, in all that time, I never really said more to him than Boo!…BOO!!  In fact, I couldn’t even tell you what his name is.  I never knew it.  I referred to him simply as “Boo” to co-workers, friends and family.

That wasn’t for lack of trying on Boo’s part, though.  He would attempt to strike up a conversation, but I would just give him the zip-lip sign.  It just seemed WAY funnier to never actually speak to eachother, to just say Boo!…BOO!! and walk away.

Aaaah, so funny.  Frickin’ hilarious in fact.

Anyway, my story’s done now.  And all I have to say is I miss all the boos I used to have at work.  heh, heh, heh

But before you go, let’s do it one more time for old-time’s sake.  We’ll be English Gents tipping our hats to eachother.  “I say what, what!  Good day and Boo to you!”

And now you say, “Good day and Boo to you TOO!  Cheerio!!”

Wow.  I gotta say that wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it was gonna be.  But thanks for playing. 

Happy Halloween!

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