Fun Fact Part Two

I was remiss in my duties.  For that I am truly sorry.  Because when I was talking about the rest of the family’s “Fun Facts,” I forgot to mention our DOG’S fun fact.  Bad, BAD dog mother!

Teddybear-the-dog’s fun fact is that he has five nipples.  I thought they came in matched sets.  But apparently not.  See?  Super fun, right?!  And how’s THAT for a fun fact GAR-UN-TEEED to get lots of attention at the bar!?! 

But you know what’s MOST interesting about the dog-nipple thing?  Well, yes, dog nipples ARE always filthy for some reason; like they have a belly full of black moles or somethin’.  However, that’s not where I was headed, but thanks for chiming in with the dirty pillows, Stephen King.  

No, what I wanted to say is that our OTHER dog, Buster, ALSO had five nipples.  But he originally came with six………..

As you may know, Homey don’t do ticks.  ‘Tick’ is just a fancy word for blood-sucking spider, and I avoid spiders at all costs – I make it a point never to engage with them, blood-sucking or otherwise.

So when we lived in Pennsylvania, and I found a tick on Buster’s belly one summer morning, I did all of my requisite shuddering and screaming, then shouted to Hubby-in-the-other-room that there was a tick on the dog’s belly which he needed to take off.

I proceeded to breeze out the door to work.  [Geesh.  Does that work thing come in handy sometimes or WHAT?!  And no, still don’t have another job yet.  But thanks for asking.  ALLLLWAYS with the askin’ aren’t ya?  Stink eye, stink eye.]

When I came home that night, I found the tick STILL on the dog’s belly.  And a bloody hole where one of the dog’s filthy-black mole-nipples had been.  Oopsie.

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