A toast to me!

Just wanted to let you know I’m putting my MBA to good use over here.  Please see the attached picture of my latest performance review.

Of course, the positive feedback may actually have NOTHING to do with my MBA and everything to do with my secret family recipe* for cinnamon sugar toast. 

But don’t hate.  Don’t be a hater.  We ALL have our gifts. 


*The secret family recipe goes something like this…mix some proportionate combination of cinnamon and granulated sugar.  Sprinkle over buttered toast and make sure you get it everywhere: toast, countertop, floor etc.  Place your masterpiece at the table for your best customer.  Know that shortly it will be all over said table (well, and the customer’s face) because that’s the nature of cinnamon sugar.  It dislodges everytime someone breathes in its direction.  At that point, remember how much you hate the clusterbomb that is the cinnamon sugar toast recipe.  Discontinue use.  Huh, I guess none of that’s much of a secret after all.  

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