IKEA Catalogue

I got the new IKEA catalogue today.  And even though the unfinished stair project has been calling my name, I’ve been pouring over this thing like nobody’s bizzzz.

This thing is GREAT!  And it makes me want to move on to my NEXT project which has yet to be determined.  I love all of the gadgety, streamlined, organized-to-within-an-inch-of-their-life items they offer for sale in this book.

But mostly, page after page, it makes me start to wonder how Swedes live.  Do they all have tiny apartments with twenty other people living in them?  The whole “Get some privacy – and a bedroom – just by using curtains” thing is a little concerning. 

And there’s even this one picture of four people in a bathroom with the quote, “Sometimes the bathroom is just for you.  Sometimes it’s for everyone.” 

Uhhhhh…no, in my country, the bathroom is always just for me.

So – on second thought – you can keep your cramped rooms and I’ll just look at the nice pictures and dream of traveling briefly to Sweden during a trip.  Maybe at Christmas-time.  When “cramped” would be less cramped and more cozy.  And everything I’ve ever crocheted would fit right in.  Also, I might get to wear a wreath in my hair with live candles on it.  While I serve gingersnaps to everyone.  And then me and the twenty other people in my room will eat meatballs and drink glogg*.

Yep…that’s a waaaaay better idea.  Thanks, IKEA!

*Does anyone else think the word “glogg” sounds like if you drink enough of it, glogging noises will start coming out of your mouth along with already-chewed Swedish meatballs??  Yeah, me too.  It’s a bad name.  They should change it.

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