New York, New York. It’s a Wonderful Town!

Did you know that the original lyrics to the song “New York” from the musical called “On the Town” were:  New York, New York.  It’s a HELLUVA town!

But for some reason, they changed the “Helluva” to “Wonderful” when they made the musical into a movie.


But, hey!  Speakin’ of New York heh, heh, heh – see how that works? I was in New York City recently.  And all I can say is that New York City has the biggest hall pass of all time. 

Every bizarre thing that happens there is explained away with a shrug of the shoulders, hands spread wide and, “Eh.  It’s New York City!”

Mom, Mom!  I just saw a man taking plastic bottles out of that garbage can using a pair of spaghetti tongs!  Eh, it’s New York City!

Hubby, don’t you think it’s weird that you’ve finished your entire knish but my bowl of borscht hasn’t even come out yet?  Eh, it’s New York City!

Kids, of all the people on this dark sidewalk, why did that cockroach run RIGHT AT ME while your father yelled, “Get her!  Get her!”  Eh, it’s New York City!

Dad, why does this subway car smell like pee?  Do you think we’re sitting right on top of someone’s “accident?”  Eh, it’s New York City!  And no, but let’s move to that seat over there anyway.

See what I mean?!?  Hall Pass Extraordinaire. 

Also?  I’m not sure why they changed it to “wonderful”…“Helluva” was waaaay more apt.

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