Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hubby and I went to an 80’s party this week-end. 

What did he wear?  A pink polo layered over a turquoise polo (with both collars turned UP), and tan wide-wale corduroys.  He topped the ensemble off with MASSIVE tortoiseshell glasses from the 80’s.  You remember these glasses, don’t you?  They were HUGE and ROUND.  The lenses started in the middle of your forehead and extended all the way down to the corner of your mouth, practically.

The glasses were actually mine.  My original prescription glasses from the 80’s.  I let him borrow them because I’m nice that way.  And it was also as punishment because he didn’t know about the whole layering-pastel-polos-over-each-other-with-both-collars-turned-UP.  The trend was 30 years old, yet totally new to him.  Bad boy!  Bad, bad boy!  How could you not know that?!?  Now wear MASSIVE prepster glasses as penalty.

And me?   

Let’s just say my outfit was a take on Madonna from that era – black capri leggings, tutu-esque skirt, white tank underneath a hot pink shirt that said, “Frankie say RELAX.”  And was mostly comprised of original 80’s items: white triangular earrings, hot pink mesh glove, lace bow for my hair, looooong strands of fake pearls bought on an NYC street corner.  ‘Cause really…why NOT keep that stuff for 30 years?  They’re jam-packed full o’ memories, but they also come in handy at some point in the future.  (See, Mom?  And you wonder why I never throw anything away?!?)

When we arrived at the party, my Swatch watch said 7:30.  On the dot!   (YES!  My SWATCH WATCH!!!  How fun am I?!?  Again, an 80’s original.  It has the one with the royal blue band and the semaphore-flags-in-place-of-numbers on the face.  I know you wanted that watch when you were my age, didn’t you.  Do I ROCK or what?!?)

Hubby & I proceeded to win the 80’s trivia contest, natch.  Lots of questions were focused on stupid sporting events and some political blah-blah-blah.  But since Hub is a baseball/sports aficionado AND a poly sci major, we rocked that category.  We agree that typically his is a deadly combination of interests when it comes to making casual chit-chat with the ladies, but it sure comes in handy when you’re gunnin’ for a do-it-yourself Jello Shot Kit. 

And what was my value add?!*  Well…first off, I looked CUTE!!!  So that’s something.  And in fact another attendee even said I looked so young!!  So that’s something too.  (I decided it was the HUGE white, lace bow on my head.  That always makes a gal look young.  In fact, as I’m sitting here blogging, I’m wearing it, and I do have to say it’s put a pep in my step.  Can you see me?  Through that little camera at the top??  Don’t I look YOUNG?!?  I know, right?  Just wait until I go pick up the kids at school.  EVERYONE’S gonna be talking about the magical power of the white, lace bow on my head!  Yipppeee!)  So in addition to being CUTE, I’m also FUN!  In fact, my theme song is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”  While my theme song started back in the 80’s, I’ve found that if it’s a good, quality theme song, it will hold true for many years.  And yep!  Here I am.  Still fun!  Er…still wanting to have fun, at least.

Sooo….where are we going with this?  I’ll mention “smart” here as well…but…oh yeah!  That’s right.  My value-add in the trivia contest was in answering all of the more “social” questions – anything pertaining to movies, songs, clothes, movies, songs, and songs.  Oh!  And the Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 1989.  I was there!   Perhaps you remember me starring in the role of the girl chipping away at the Eastern Bloc with a butter knife “borrowed” from the youth hostel?? )

Anywhooo…Fuzzy Navels and White Wine Spritzers are just as terrible now as they were then, so once the regulars started showing up at the dive bar where this party was being held, we decided it was time to skidaddle.  Hubby put on his massive-shoulder-padded leather bomber jacket.  And I put on my massive-shoulder-padded full length jean coat.  And we headed out.  But not before some twenty-something-dive-bar-regulars accosted us to tell us that we NAILED it!  NAILED IT!!!  Even down to the jackets.  NAILED.  IT.

Hmmm…thankyou, thankyouverymuch, People-who-weren’t-even-alive-when-I-nailed-it-the-first-time-around.  But I’ll take your compliment.  And for posterity’s sake, I will note the time on my Swatch Watch.  7:30.  On the dot.


* So you can truly understand the difference between me and Hubby – one of the trivia contest questions was: Who was Michael Dukakis’ vice presidential running mate in the 1988 presidential election?  The answer: Senator Lloyd Bentsen out of Texas – said in just that way by polo boy in the corner wearing the MASSIVE glasses.  Now if someone had asked ME what was Dukakis’ theme song?  I coulda told them it was “America” by Neil Diamond.  And then I could have sung the WHOLE FRICKIN’ THING.  We’re comin’ to America.  Today!  My country ‘tis of thee!  TODAY!  Sweet land of liberty.  TODAY!  Of thee I sing.  TODAY!  Of thee I sing…TODAY!!!  See??  Fun, right?!?

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  1. You kill me NSAHM!!! You paint such a vivid picture that I felt like I was there at the party!! Maybe because I remember those jackets from round 1!! :-). And how could he not know about layered polis???!!!!!!

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